Keeping It Cool!
     Cool It v2 and v3  
 Wireless Plug & Play  High Speed Fan Controller
 for your 1997-2004 C5 and C5 Zo6

Now you can control your C5 Corvette's radiator high speed cooling fan with the simple push of a button allowing you to control your radiator coolant temperatures. No need to pay for an expensive tune to change your fans on/off temperatures. Here is SacCityCorvette’s latest version of the Cool It v2 and v3 Remote High Speed Fan Controller. It is designed as a performance and reliability enhancer.  

Installing the Cool It v2 or v3 is a very simple five minute plug and play installation. CLICK HERE TO SEE IF YOU NEED A V2 or V3

After you install the Cool it v2 or v3, you will be able to turn the right side cooling fan on in high speed fan mode using a wireless FOB making it perfect for when you are at the track and you want to cool down between runs, keep cool in traffic, and idling in parades. No need to turn on your A/C anymore to cool your engine! It will even help keep your Automatic Transmission running cooler too! 
We have made major improvements to our latest Cool It v2 or v3 including running it on its own circuit and heavy duty internal relays. The Cool It v2 and v3 WILL NOT interfere with the normal computer controlled operation of your cooling fans! 
A safety feature is built in that allows your computer to still turn the fans on, even if the Cool It v2 or v3 should ever fail.
The Cool It v2 or v3 uses the cars factory wiring to run the high speed fan. Our Cool It v2 or v3 uses the highest quality parts including a factory relay not an aftermarket or copy. All connections are soldered for high quality reliability. 
A simple 5 minute plug-and-play installation will immediately take your C5 Corvette to the next level of performance and reliability. If you take your Corvette to the track and are serious about getting the best performance possible, whether hot lapping,  just cooling down in the pits or in traffic, the Cool It v2 or v3 High Speed Fan Controller is an inexpensive must have accessory because cooler is better!
Note: The Cool It v2or v3 will not fix existing over heating issues!      
Proudly made in the USA!

Coolit V2 or V3
 Only $129.95
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Proudly made in the USA!
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Cool It! v2
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Sample of how the FOB can be mounted with the two side tape that is already installed on one of the FOB's for you. You can mount anywhere you like.
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