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 Reusable Front Oil Gallery Plug

Pickup Tube Hold Down

LS Billet Precision Barbell

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 LS engines with tight clearances and tiny needle bearings in the lifter rolls don't tolerate particles in the oil. These Billet parts will help keep unfiltered oil out of your bearings and lifters and improve oil flow. Click on the picture your interested in for more information.
 Fits GM Gen III & IV LS Engines LS1-2-3-6-LQ4-LQ9-4.8L-5.3L-6.0L-6.2L & More!                         

Gen 5 LT1 Billet Precision Barbell

3 pcs kit. ​1 Billet Barbell, 1 Front Oil Galley Plug, 
1 Pickup Tube Hold Down
All 4 Billet Products.
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GM did not put alignment dowels for the Rear Main & Timing Covers on the LS family of engines. Instead, in the service manual they recommend using the very expensive KM tool. Many customers purchase our inexpensive AlignIt Tools along with the Barbell or Oil Improvement kits to make sure that the covers are perfectly aligned preventing premature failure of the seal and do overs. 
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3 Pcs Oil System Improvement Kit. 
​1 Billet Barbell, 1 Bypass Delete, 1 Pickup Tube Hold Down
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 Bypass Delete ( In Pan)
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 Barbell & Oil Pickup Tube Hold Down 
 Barbell & Bypass Delete 
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