COOL IT v2 and v3 Install Video
Installing the COOL IT v2 and v3 is simple and easy! Watch the video. It only takes 10 minutes and you will be able to control your radiator high speed cooling fan from in your C5 Corvette. These video instructions work for both the Coolit v2 and the Coolit v3. Please email or Call us if you have any questions. 
Ignition Must Be On In Order For Coolit to work!

 Here is how the relay and fuse install     should look. This is a photo of  v3        install.  The v2 is the same except the    relay notch faces toward the battery.
DO NOT install a V2 in a V3 or a V3 in a V2 Fuse Box ! 
Watch the video before you install your Coolit. 
  Here is how to cut slot in fuse       box cover and the dimensions.
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