My son and I started SacCityCorvette in 2010 because of our life-long love of cars, especially Chevrolets. For 44 years, I have been doing automotive repairs, modifying cars and 4x4 builds, made custom parts and accessories for my personal vehicles, and owned an automotive repair shop for 20 years. Inspired by my Z06 Corvette, We decided to make the new parts and accessories I was designing and developing available to the public.

Fast-forward 7 years and we have had the privilege to sell thousands of products across the United States, and abroad. We understand that Corvette owners, car & truck enthusiast want only the best for their vehicles, so we pride ourselves on manufacturing (in the USA) our innovative products with the best materials and to the highest quality standards.

  We have great respect for our car enthusiast customers, as we are ourselves, and have developed a reputation for outstanding customer service. I’m sure you will find value and be pleased with any products that you purchase from SacCityCorvette.

If you are happy with our products tell others, if not tell us! We love to hear from you!
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