C5 LUX Transmission/Differential Mount
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LUX Trans/Differential mount (LUX TDM)
Designed for the C5 Corvette, SacCityCorvette’s SuperDuty LUX TDM will stabilize the C5 Corvette Trans/Diff and help eliminate drive train shutter that feels like wheel hop. The LUX TDM has a large amount of Polyurethane instead of a bushing to minimize noise and vibration making it comfortable for street driving yet stout and firm enough to keep the Trans/Diff stabilized during hard launches, power shifting, racing or just spirited driving. The stock rubber mount is very soft and allows a substantial amount of movement especially with any type of power adders and Drag Radials/Slicks. Keep that Trans /Diff where it belongs with the LUX TDM!
Powder Coated for protection.
Grade 8 & 10.9 Hardware for strength.
Installed with your factory 2 nuts & 2 bolts.

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The LUX TDM replaces this factory soft mushy rubber mount.
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