C5 LUX Transmission/Differential Mount
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                                                                      LUX Transmission/Differential mount. TDM
Designed for the C5 Corvette, SacCityCorvette’s SuperDuty LUX TDM will stabilize the Trans/Diff and will eliminate drive train shutter that feels like wheel hop. That shudder/wheel hop feeling in most cases is the shutter of the Trans/Differential. The LUX TDM has enough tested for the correct durometer Polyethene to minimize noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) making it comfortable for street driving yet stout and firm enough to keep the Trans/Diff stabilized during hard launches, power shifting, racing or just spirited driving. The stock rubber mount is very soft and allows a substantial amount of movement especially with any type of power adders and Drag Radials/Slicks. Keep that Transmission/Differential where it belongs with the LUX TDM!
Powder Coated for protection
Grade 8 & 10.9 Hardware for strength
Installed with your factory 2 nuts & 2 bolts.

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The LUX TDM replaces this factory soft mushy rubber mount.
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