Rear Main & Timing Cover AlignIt Tools

AlignIt Timing Cover & Rear Main Cover Seal  Alignment Tools For GM Gen III & IV Engines LS1-2-3-6-7-9-LQ4-LQ9-4.8L-5.3L-6.0L & more
Here is a couple simple but very effective tools to help you make easy work of aligning your Timing and Rear Main Covers. CNC Machined to exact tolerances, the AlignIt tools get the covers centered perfectly with the crank. The O-ring design makes for a perfect snug fit no matter the temperature that can cause expansion/contraction of engine covers, crank & tools that will hinder a perfect fit. The O ring design eliminates this problem.  After the covers are centered and torqued down, use the AlignIt Tools to install the seals in seconds! (See videos) Having the seal centered accurately with the crank minimizes the chance of seal leakage. If you prefer not to replace your Timing Cover Seal we have the Hub Simulator AlignIt Tool that allows the Timing cover to be aligned with the seal installed. Made of billet High Impact Gray PVC Plastic. 
Note: Do Not Use Solvents Like Brake Cleaner. Doing So Can Damage Tool! 
 See the video below that shows how simple it is to use.

Alignit Timing Cover Tool
         Only $37.95 
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Hub Simulator Tool
The  Hub Simulator Tool is for those that do  not want to remove the seal. 
 It simulates using your hub to align the timing cover with the seal in place. Because the seal can flex, the Hub Simulator is not as accurate as the AlignIt Timing cover Tool.  The Simulator is still much easier to use than you hub.
AlignIt Hub Simulation Tool
              Only $27.95
Timing Cover Instructional Video
Alignit Rear Main Cover Tool
            Only $46.95
Alignit Rear Main & Front Timing  Cover Tool Kit
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Rear Main Cover  Instructional Video
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Alignit Rear Main, Front Timing & Simulator Tool Kit
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    AlignIt Pro Series Tools
Our Pro Series Billet 6061 Anodized Aluminum Tools are made of CNC Machined to exacting tolerances. They incorporate the same O Ring technology as our standard AlignIt Tools. They work just like the standard AlignIt Tools but are more heavy duty for the Professional Tech or the guy that just likes the top of the line tools and the way the Pro Series Gun Metal Anodize looks in their tool box.  Patent No.: US D864,691 S

Pro Series Rear Main & Timing 
   Cover Tools  Save  10%  $98.91 
Pro Series Rear Main  Tool
             only $59.95
Pro Series Timing Cover Tool
             only $49.95
Oil Pump Clearancing 
  Feeler Gauges $8.50
If you're changing your Rear Main Seal/Cover we recommend changing out the stock Barbell to our Billet barbell tokeep unfiltered oil out of the bearings and improve oil flow. Click picture for more info.
Pro Series Rear Main, 
Timing Cover & Simulator Tools  
Save 12%  $138.90 
Pro Series Simulator Tool
             only $47.95
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Precision Fit Oil 
Diverter Barbell keeps unfiltered oil out of the bearings and lifters!

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Below is a YouTube video from Scruf's Garage on how to use the Oil Pump Clearance Gauges.

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Use the properties editor to specify an item
Pro Series & PVC Replacement AlignIt Tool Orings
Timing  Cover Tool Oring
Rear Main Orings
Rear Main & Timing Cover Oring