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Fangs are the best available Skid Plate protection on the Market!
 C7 STINGRAY’s front Skid Plates/Lower Radiator Support is vulnerable just like its predecessors the C5 & C6 Corvette’s to getting bumped, scraped and broken. The Fangs have be tested and refined on the C5 and C6 Corvette's over the last 7 years and have a proven track record of protecting this not only important part, but expensive to replace part. Made of a High Impact Superior Performance Plastic, the C7 Fangs are extremely impact resistant and 6 times more abrasion resistant than steel over a wide range of temperatures and installation only takes a few minutes. The Fangs work by allowing the Skid Plates to slide over parking blocks, driveways, etc., instead of the soft Aluminum digging in and getting high friction traction causing the Skid Plate/Lower Radiator Support to break. Being only 1/8" thick, there is no noticeable ground clearance loss. Once the Fangs are installed you will have the best protection available. They also keep the Skid Plates looking good. It’s a small price to pay for such good protection!

  Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!
There is NO DRILLING REQUIRED to install your C7 Fangs.
 A simple glue on installation is all that is required! 
(See installation video)  
Kit includes: 
1) A pair of Black Fangs
2) 6 Quick ties
3) 2 oz Gorilla Glue 
4) Sand paper
5) Protective gloves (Keeps glue off hands)
6) Water mister bottle (Water used to activate glue)
7) Alcohol wipes
Note: Nothing can protect against smashing your skid bars if hit to hard. They're designed that way to preserve the frame that they are bolted to. It is better for the skid bars to bend instead of the frame getting dented where they bolt on to the frame. The Fangs are designed to protect against the normal scraping and bumping that goes on under normal conditions!
C7 Fangs
only $66.95
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This Video is of the C6 Glue on Fangs, but it is the same for the C7 Fangs
Here is a great installation write up by
  W A Technology
Videos are on a C5 for demonstration purposes.