C6 Big 3 Wiring Kit
SacCityCorvette’s BIG 3 Wiring Kit for your C6

With all of the high-tech electronics that have been incorporated into your C6 Corvette, not to mention additional aftermarket electronics, stereo systems, heavy duty fuel pumps, ETC  it can take a toll on the factory charging systems wiring ability to keep up. Especially if, over time, connections have become corroded. 
Installing a BIG 3 upgrade can be very beneficial as many on the Corvette forum will tell you. SacCityCorvette has developed a BIG 3 installation kit prioritized for C6 Corvette. It is made from all high quality materials and designed so it will not look like an aftermarket universal kit. This kit looks like a factory install. For safety it has a 125 amp heavy duty fuse, uses highly flexible welding grade 4 gauge wire. (not the type car stereo shops use)  The positive wires have a High-Strength Slit Corrugated Sleeving just like the factory wiring over them for additional protection and a factory look. Connections are hydraulically crimped for reliability and come with all the hardware needed to do the install. The installation takes less then an hour with simple hand tools. If you have doubt that this BIG 3 kit can make a difference in your charging system, please check out our test video below that we did on a C5 zo6 (basically the same as the C6) and see how the voltage increases when we connect it! This may not be typical with every Corvette but, over the last 4 years many of our C5 Big3 customers have reported improvements, even our our C5 saw improvement.  Check Corvetteforum. 

Testing a C5 Big 3 
Watch how the voltage improves when we connect the Big 3
Test was done on our California C5 ZO6 with no rust or corrosion issues and electrical system in perfect working order. 
   C6 Big 3
Only $129.95
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 C6 Big 3 
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