I would like to take this time to thank one of your companies salespeople for the outstanding service he provide for me he was very professional and very helpful---and he also went out of his way for me-----my hat goes off to Christian  of SacCityCorvette who not only came out to my home to remedy a problem that I was having but he also went above that by finding and replacing a blown fuse that I was totally unaware of he also diagnosed my check engine light and guided me threw the procedure on how to turn it off-----ok I said it once and ill say it again Christian is my go to man  from SacCityCorvette he deserves a raise for his professionalism  and his courtesy---------
My hat is off for you .........
Don Willrich 

This is from a small questionnaire we sent  out
with one of our Cool It!'s.
I got the Cool It yesterday. Got around to installing it today. Very nicely done. Let me get to your questionnaire.
Tell us about the product.
Quality of packaging and product.
  High Quality, and packaging was great as well.
Ease of install and are the instructions clear.
Very easy to install, instructions written well and straight forward.
How long did it take you to install it.
10 minutes roughly. I did change something, just because I was lazy. LOL. First off, the ground.  Can't get a bolt on that thread  without lifting the hood stop. Not really  wanting to mess with it and the fact that I have top and side posts on my  battery (side to car. Top to stereo) I just put the ground wire on the ground post on the top post.  Fit perfectly. Not a usual thing people will  have on their cars, but it worked for me.
Did you like the way it looks and operates?
Yes. It looks great. And also works great. With engine off and fans on.
And anything else?
Very cool and useful product. I think you will do well with these.
Thanks again.

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